Lecturers: prof. Eli Schleifer, rabbijn David Lilienthal 
Co-ordinator: Bram Lagendijk

Articles to be read for the first weekend:
(supplied by the Institute) 
  • Eliyahu Schleifer: Jewish Liturgical Music from the Bible to Hasidism 
  • Geoffrey Goldberg: Jewish Liturgical Music in the Wake of Nineteenth-Century Reform
  • Eliyahu Schleifer: Current Trends of Liturgical Music in the Ashkenazi Synagogue
A list of required and recommended books will follow.

Friday 24 August

18.00  Arrival + drinks and snacks

18.30  Opening of the weekend, getting to know you

19.00  Friday evening service

20.00  Dinner, zemirot, birkat hamazon

21.30  Study session 1: The role of the shatz I

Shabbat 25 August 

08.30  Breakfast

09.00  Shabbat morning service

12.00  Break

12.30  Lunch, zemirot, birkat hamazon

13.30  Study session 2: What is prayer?
15.00  Study session 3: The role of the shatz II

17.30  Mincha
           Dinner, zemirot, birkat hamazon

19.00  Study session 4: Structure of the siddur, The Shema and its blessings

20.00  Ma’ariv and Havdala

20.45  Study session 5: The Development of the Liturgy

Sunday 26 August
08.00  Morning service

08.45  Breakfast

09.30  Evaluation

10.00  Study session 6: Layers of synagogue music

11.15  Study session 7: Themes in the siddur

12.30  Lunch, birkat hamazon

13.30  Nusach, including "how to recognize where you are in the service"

14.45  Study session 8: Theological problems in the texts

16.00  Assignments for the students
           Evaluation and Closing