Below you will find links to the sheet music and some recordings for the evening services of the 3 Pilgrim Festival as used in the Liberal congregations in The Netherlands. There are often more than one composition; in most congregations melodies are used interchangeably, and customs also vary.

The music is ordered according to the order it appears in the service.
The name of the file begins with the page number(s) on which the text appears in the regular Shabbat siddur.

Sheet music:

General for all Regalim:

700 & [244] Psalm 136 (Great Hallel) (jpg)
210 Barchu - Uma'avir yom -Ki hem chayenu (jpg)
212 Shema - Vera'u vanav - vene'emar (jpg)
218 (End Hashkivenu) Ushemor; Vaydaber Moshe [bensjboek]
682, [230] Beracha for Hallel

220 [60, 118] Chatsi-Kaddish Pesach

220 [60, 118] Chatsi-Kaddish Shavuot


[264] Hoshanot for the hakafot (jpg)
[264] Hoshia et amecha (jpg)

Shemini Atseret-Simchat Torah:

242 Year Kaddish (pdf)
[266] Ata horeta lada'at pag.1 (jpg)
[266] Ata horeta lada'at pag.2 (jpg)
[266] Ata horeta lada'at pag.3 (jpg)

Recordings (additional to what is on the CDs):

General for all Regalim:
210 Barchu (mp3)
210 Uma'avir yom (mp3)

210 Ki hem chayenu (mp3)

212 Shema Yisrael (mp3)
216 Vera'u vanav (mp3)
216 Vene'emar - chatima Ga'al Yisrael (mp3)
218-220 Ufros-Chatsi Kaddish 3 Regalim ES (Lew) (mp3)  
[274] Vaydaber Moshe (te zingen op pag. 220) (mp3)
[274] Vaydaber Moshe-nusach (te zingen op pag. 220) (mp3) 
228-232 Retsee - Shalom rav ES (nusach mp3)  
Kiddush chagim evening (Tucker CU [see benshboek]) (m3)
Kiddush chagim evening (Traditional) (PK) (mp3) 
Shehecheyanu (traditional) (PK) (mp3)

220 [60, 180] Chatsi-kaddish Pesach (mp3)

216 Mi chamocha Shavuot (mp3)

242 Kaddish titkabal Sukkot (mp3)

Shemini Atseret-Simchat Torah: