For additions to the regular weekday evening service on particular days in the year, see the instructions on top of page 120 of the LJG siddur. For the instructions for the continuation of the service after the end of the silent Amida, see page 152 and 154 of the LJG siddur.


The number before the title refers to the page in the siddur where the text appears.

120 Vehu rachum mp3  
120 Barchu mp3 
120 Uma'avir yom mp3
122 Ki hem chayenu mp3
122 Ahavat Olam (complete) mp3   
122 Shema mp3 
126 Adonai Elohechem emet mp3
126 Emet ve'emuna mp3 
128 Vera'u vanav mp3 
128 Hashkivenu mp3