Lecturers: prof. Eli Schleifer, rabbijn David Lilienthal, dr. Annette Boeckler
Co-ordinator: Bram Lagendijk

(Please note that in spite of it being Shabbat and against our normal principles, the services held will be those of Yom Kippur, since there is no other time to hold these and to evaluate. All other elements will be those of Shabbat.)

Friday 28 November 

18.00  Arrival, drinks and snacks, welcome

18.30  Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre) service

19.30  Dinner, Shabbat zemirot, birkat hamazon

20.30  Lecture 1: Yom Kippur: Themes II, the Torah readings and Haftarot (DL) 

21.15  Workshop 1: Ma’ariv Yom Kippur:
                              Kol Nidre and the Amida except the Vidui

Shabbat 29 November 

08.30  Breakfast

09.00  Yom Kippur Torah and Musaph service

11.00  Break

11.30  Workshop 2: Yom Kippur Shacharit: Avinu Malkenu 

12.30  Lunch, zemirot, birkat hamazon

13.30  Lecture 2:  A Historical Perspective on Dutch Synagogue Music,
                           including the Portuguese tradition in the 19th Century,
                           the Ashkenasy tradition from Groningen and the composer
Aron Wolff Berlijn (1817-1870)

14.45  Break

15.00  Workshop 3: Group A: Yom Kippur Musaph: The Vidui
                              Group B: Rosh Hashanah musaph

16.30  Break
16.45  Mincha service (Yom Kippur Mincha without piyutim)

17.30  Dinner, zemirot, birkat hamazon

18.30  Lecture 3: Synagogue Music of the 20th and 21st Century and 
                          American music from 1960 until now: The Main Composers
                          and Their Styles (ES)

19.45  Break

20.00  Workshop 4: Group A: Yom Kippur Musaph: The music and parts not 
                                                                           covered in workshops 1-3
                              Group B: Continuation of Rosh Hashanah musaph

21.15  Rosh Hashanah (weekday) Ma’ariv (Arvit) and havdala

Sunday 30 November 

08.00  Breakfast 

08.30  Rosh Hashanan/Yom Kippur shacharit service

09.15  Workshop 5: Group A: Continuation Yom Kippur
                              Group B: Continuation Rosh Hashanah

10.15  Break

10.45  Workshop 6: Group A: Continuation Yom Kippur
                              Group B: Continuation Rosh Hashanah

11.30  Break

11.45  Lecture 4: The Machzor for the High Holidays: 
                          an international perspective  (AB)

12.45  Lunch, birkat hamazon

13.30  Workshop 7: A first look at the changes in the liturgy and music
                              in the Neila (ES)

15.00  Specific assignments on prayers:
            - which music to use
            - where is it to be found
            - how to work on it

15.30  Evaluation and Closing