Lecturers: prof. Eli Schleifer, rabbijn David Lilienthal, dr. Annette Boeckler
Co-ordinator: Bram Lagendijk

(Please note that in spite of it being Shabbat and against our normal principles, the services held will be those of the Hight Holidays and the Shalosh Regalim, since there is no other time to hold these and to evaluate. All other elements will be those of Shabbat.)

Friday 29 Augustus 

18.00  Arrival, drinks and snacks, welcome 

18.30  Rosh Hashanah ma’ariv service
19.30  Dinner, Shabbat zemirot, birkat hamazon

20.30  Lecture 1: Rosh Hashanah: Discuss themes: Unetanne tokef,
                                                       Malchuyot, Zichronot, Shofarot 

21.15  Workshop 1: Ma’ariv Rosh Hashana 

Shabbat 30 Augustus 

08.30  Breakfast 

09.00  Rosh Hashana Torah and Musaph service 

11.00  Break

11.30  Workshop 2: Rosh Hashana Musaph: The special elements:
                                Unetanne tokef, Malchuyot, Zichronot, Shofarot

12.30  Lunch, zemirot, birkat hamazon 

13.30  Workshop 3: Continuation Rosh Hashana musaph

14.30  Break

15.00  Workshop 4: Review of the Amidah for Shalosh Regalim (2 groups)

16.45  Mincha service (nusach Simchat Torah)

17.30  Dinner, zemirot, birkat hamazon

18.30  Lecture 3:   Nusach, when, what?

19.30 Break

20.00  Workshop 5: Hallel, Hoshanot

21.15  Ma’ariv (nusach Pesach)
           Havdala for end of Shabbat and Chag (Ya-K-Ne-Ha-Z) 

Sunday 31 Augustus

08.00  Breakfast 

08.30  Short Weekday Shacharit lead by ES

09.00  Workshop 6: Continuation Rosh Hashana Shacharit, 
                                 HaMelech, Uv’chens 

10.15  Break

10.45  Workshop 7: Continuation Rosh Hashana, The Shofarservice

11.45  Lecture 4:  Introduction to Yom Kippur:
                             The themes and the machzor (AB)

12.45  Lunch, birkat hamazon

13.30  Lecture 5: Introduction to the document
                            "Guidelines for the Nusach of the High Holidays"

14.45  Break

15.00  Specific assignments on prayers:
            - which music to use
            - where is it to be found
            - how to work on it

15.30  Evaluation and Closing