In the Summer of 2013 the Robert A. Levisson Foundation took over the Dutch Progressive Jewish Education Center ‘Rimon’ from the Sja’ar Foundation.


The main task of Rimon is to develop educational material for all congregations of the Dutch Union for Progressive Judaism. 

Other tasks of Rimon are:

• development of new educational material and editing of existing material for pupils in the Dutch Reform Talmud Tora-schools (age 4-13 years)
• making of complete lessons for all teachers
• post-graduate education for the teachers
• practical support to the teachers
• development of new digital material for Jewish and Hebrew lessons
• development of new educational methods for children with a mental disorder
• organisation of the yearly Talmud Tora weekend
• organisation of the yearly Rimon education day

Employees of Rimon:

Matty van Eldik, coordinator

Liesbeth Aussen, coordinator

Lea Abram, didactics, education

Israel Golani, Hebrew method

Rimon develops two kinds of educational material:

Printed material (books and work books), often edited from the English to the Dutch situation.

Digital material on the Rimon website. There is a public part for pupils, parents and others, in the closed part only teachers can enter through a login.

Visit the Rimon site.