On Sunday July 1st 2012 our first 12 teachers Hebrew and Jewish Subjects received their diplomas in a festive closing ceremony in the old Spanish-Portuguese synagogue (Esnoga) of the Liberal Jewish congregation (LJG) in The Hague.

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The Graduates and the Faculty

The video recording is split into three parts:
Part 1: A Presentation prepared by the students 
Part 2: The presentation of the diplomas
Part 3: A musical intermezzo: for a translation of this text, see below the screen. 

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Hanna Verhulst, one of our cantorial graduates, sings a Tamudic text, which is also sung at the end of the Shabbat Mussaf Service.
This piece is generally sung at special occasions in the liberal congregations in The Netherlands.
Here it is introduced by the Dean, Rabbi David Lilienthal.
Listen to the original, sung by the legendary chazzan Yossi Rosenblatt.

A translation: 
Rabbi Elazar taught in the name of Rabbi Chanina: the disciples of the Sages increase peace in the world, as the prophet Isaiah (54:13) said: "When all your children will be taught about the Eternal, then the children will live in peace." Read the second mention of 'the children' with different vowels (possible since the original has no vowel signs), not as banayich but as bonayich, i.e. your builders (building societies and communities with understanding, binah).
[As Psalm 119:165 says:] "Those who love Your Torah live with great peace; nothing can make them stumble."
[And in Psalm 122:7-9 [originally about Jerusalem, here applied to all who study Torah = Jewish subjects]:] "May there be peace within your walls, security within your gates.
For the sake of all my brethren and friends I say: May peace reside wihin you. For the sake of the House of the Eternal, I will seek your welfare."
[And in Psalm 29:11:] "May the Eternal give strength to His people, may the Eternal bless His people with peace."