The Hague, 26 Menachem-Av 5768 - 27 August 2008

089 Groepsfoto AC gasten semichanten

The Academic Committee and visiting leaders of other rabbinic training
institutes together with the ordinees before the Ordination service.

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Order of Service

 0   Procession with psalm 118:26-29: Baruch Haba 

 3   Welcome of special guests, prof. I.T. Young
 9   Welcome, drs H. Wagenfeld, chair of the Foundation 
Welcome, mr W. Koster, chair of the Union
Welcome, prof. I. Zwiep, chair of the Academic Committee
Welcome, mr L. Levisson, son of Robert A. Levisson
23  Mincha service led by rabbi M. ten Brink and chazzan
      prof. E. Schleifer, Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem
52  Musical intermezzo: mrs. M. Dreese (flute)
     "Romance" by Joachim Stutschewsky      

56  Introduction to the Ordination: the dean of the Institute
D. Lilienthal

1.05  Semicha: rabbi Navah-Tehila Shmuelit-Livingstone
1.07  Semicha:
rabbi Tamarah Benima
1.08  Semicha:
rabbi Albert Ringer
1.10  Semicha:
rabbi Marianne van Praag
1.12  Semicha:
rabbi Kineret Sittig

1.13  Derasha:
rabbi Navah-Tehila Shmuelit-Livingstone
Derasha: rabbi Tamarah Benima
Derasha: rabbi Albert Ringer
Derasha: rabbi Marianne van Praag
Derasha:rabbi Kineret Sittig

1.40  Greetings by rabbijn D. Ellenson, President van
         het Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, V.S., 
         brought by rabbi Y. Mazor, HUC-JIR Jerusalem,
         followed by a special prayer by him for the
         new rabbis.
1.44  Odecha (psalm 118:21-24,
         Amsterdam Spanish-Portugues melody)
1.48  Greetings by rabbi prof. M. Saperstein, Principal
         of the Leo Baeck College, London
1.52  Greetings by rabbi P. Knobel, President,
         Central Conference of American Rabbis
1.55  Greetings by mr. L. Bergman, Executive Member 
         World Union for Progressive Judaism and 
         Executive of the Rabbinic Review Committee
2.00  Psalm 98: Shiru LAdonai shir chadash
2.04  Closing comments, rabbi A. Soetendorp
2.10  Closing of the mincha service led by rabbi
         R. Bar-Efra