Our first class of Rabbinic students started their training on 1 September 2003. Since the very beginning costs have been kept as low as possible, but without making concessions on the quality of the education itself.

The major part of the available funds are used to finance the lecturers and to pay students' fees for courses followed elsewhere. This is achieved by having only one salaried employee. the first was the Dean, who came into service on 1 January 2004 on a part-time basis. Since 3 September2012 the only employee is the part time Executive Director. Paid administrative support is only incidentally used and kept to an absolute minimum.
During the period of the Cantorial Training a paid coordinator assisted the Dean. The leaders the Rimon Education Centre, helping the Dean directing the Teachers Training, did their work as volunteers. 
Facilities for the lessons and for the library is provided by the LJG Amsterdam at a reduced charge.
The necessary facilities for the Teachers Training were provided by the LJG The Hague free of charge. 

The revenues consist of the tuition fees paid by the students, donations from Friends of the Foundation and grants from the Levi Lassen Foundation, the Maror funds and contributions from several other smaller funds. (See below)

For reasons outlined in the enxt paragraph, and despite all support, our financial situation remains precarioous. We really need more Friends, and to find foundations and funds that would be prepared to support us, preferably with a commitment for the longer term. Bequests that can help us build a Endowment Fund would be most welcome, since this would give us security for the future.

Already during the preparation for the launch of the Institute, we found out that in the Netherlands there are no funds and foundations that in their by-laws have the objective of supporting educational institutions. Providing education is in the Netherlands regarded as a governmental task. An institution like ours, however, with its small size and limited target group, cannot count on state financing. This is why are happy that the foundations mentioned below are prepared to make our work possible, albeit that some of their contributions are conditional. 

Elsewhere on this website you can read all our Annual Reports including the yearly financial statements from the beginning of the Institute till now. On request we will send the full Annual Accounts and the Annual Reports in print, please contact the Executive Director via Contact.


The Levisson Instituut is financially supported by:
  The circle of Friends
  The Levi Lassen Foundation
  Stichting Collectieve Maror-gelden Nederland
  Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
  Henriëtte Boas Foundation
  LexHanna Foundation
  Foundation PAF
  Herbert en Nina Kiwi-Tielens Foundation
  Netherlands Union for Progressive Judaism
  LJG Rotterdam
  LJG Amsterdam
  LJG Den Haag
  Incidental gifts and subsidies from other funds and foundations.