The leadership of the Teacher Training:
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Rabbi David Lilienthal, 
Honorary Dean of the Institute


Matty van Eldik

 Liesbeth Aussen

Rabbi Marianne van Praag

Drs Anique de Leeuw

The students:

Lea Abram (LJG Amsterdam)
Completed her High School final exams in June 2010
at the  Barlaeus Gymnasium. As of autumn 2010 she follows the Academic Teacher Training Primary Education in Utrecht. She has already been teaching at the Talmoed Torah in LJG Amsterdam for 5 years en really enjoys it. She participated in this training to reinforce and deepen her Jewish knowledge.
Sharon Asscher (LJG Amsterdam)
Is teaching Kita Heh at the Talmud Torah of LJG Amsterdam. She regards it as a very positive challenge to study Judaism and to teach it in a positive and enjoyable manner.
Anne de Geus (LJG Rotterdam)
Details to follow.
Ariadne Meiboom (LJG Amsterdam),
Works as university lecturer in Medicine for the senior generation. She wants to extend and deepen her Jewish knowledge but also to learn how to bring this to children in different age groups.
Hendele Naftali (LJG Rotterdam)
Born and bred in Panama where she studied at a Jewish day school. In the Netherlands she has organised many childrens' activities in the congregation, and  has also been active in the Ijar Jewish student organisation in Delft. She is a member of the Ritual Committee of the Rotterdam congregation acting as gabbai there.            
Anneke van Dijk (LJG Den Haag).
Active in LJG The Hague for many years, where she also serves on the Ritual Committee.
She belongs to the steady group of Torah and haftara readers in the congregation. Since two years she has been a teacher's help at the Talmud Torah and finds it fascinating and pleasant to work with the children.

Carolien Sallé (LJG Den Haag).
Studied Hebrew and Semitic languages ​​and cultures at Leiden university, and then did two years of archeology. For the last 10 years she has worked with a good number of children as mother-help in most classes of primary school. She is glad that she now can refresh and deepen her Jewish knowledge and learn how she can best pass this on to the children. 

Anat Keysar (LJG Utrecht) 
Yerushalmit in heart and soul (even after 11 years in the Netherlands). BA Arts History and Graphic Design. Active in the congregation in Utrecht, teaching Hebrew and Israeli folk dance and now wants to work also with the children.  
Yasmin Roorda (LJG Utrecht). 
Details to follow.
Ory Six (LJG Utrecht). 
Studies physics and astronomy at the University of Utrecht and at the same time works on a BA Theology. Since 2007 she has been teaching in the Talmud Torah in Utrecht.

Tanja Nab (PJG North-Netherlands).
School for Fashion, MBO IW, Middle Management,
Educator for Master class Nailstyling. 
Sheliach tzibbur in the congregation since 2004.
Dit the Cantorial Training at the Institute with good results.
Teaches children in the Northern parts of the Netherlands.


Marjolein Koster (LJG Gelderland) 
Lived in Israel 10 years as kibbutznik and worked with the children.
Now working 22 years in the Netherlands in a kindergarten.
Taught Jewish classes in the LJG Rotterdam for two years and now teaches the children in LJG Gelderland.
Joined this training to increase her knowledge and her pedagogical and didactic skills.