All descriptions of this study (see in the menu on the left side) are in English since almost all lectures and workshops were conducted in the English language by the main lecturer, prof. Eliyahu Schleifer, the recently retired head of the cantorial training of the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem and some by dr. Annette Boeckler of the Leo Baeck College in Londen. When looking at the material you may therefore find yourself reading the Dutch part of the website, but in the English language.   

At the start of the training, auditions were held for 24 candidates, out of whom 18 were admitted. Of these, 15 have now completed the training. Furthermore the chazzan of the Amsterdam congregation Gilad Nezer and dr Annette Boeckler from Londen, librarian and lecturer Tanach and Jewish Liturgy at the Leo Baeck College participated in the double role of teacher and student. 3 rabbinic students also participated in the study out of interest.

Read an interview (in Dutch) with Gilad Nezer, chazzan in LJG Amsterdam...

In the menu on the left you can find information on the participants and under the heading Study Program you can read about the principles behind the course and in the detailed programs of the weekend you can see the way this was treated in practice.

A good number of the lectures and workshops were recorded live and can be listened to in the Music Library. There you will also find a PowerPoint presentation with an overview of the nusachim for all services on each day of the year. Naturally there are recordings of much of the music that was studied (quite a bit more still has to be added from the CDs that formed the basis of the study material). The amount of sheet music is limited, since anything protected by copyrights cannot be publicized on open websites.

Beginning in the autumn of 2009 the Institute provides a monitoring program and an in-service-training for these shlichay tzibbur.

If and when another similar course of study will be initiated, this will be advertized on this web