On the Internet there are innumerable amounts of commentaries on the Sidra of the Week or Parashat HaShavua to be found. Below follows a small choice of websites with commentaries from a liberal Jewish point of view, often with links to archives with commentaries from years past. 

  1. Our weekly Torah commentary in Dutch (always English source mentioned and Archive starting 2005) 
  2. Gilyonot by Nechama Leibovitz (Dept. for Jewish Zionist Education)
  3. URJ Torah Commentary (weekly and with Archives starting 1997)
  4. URJ Ten Minutes of Torah (daily a new Torah thought)
  5. Taste of Limmud (subscribe or look at the archive starting 2006)
  6. Ziegler School (Conservative, USA)
  7. Leo Baeck College (England)
  8. Reconstructionist Divrei Torah
  9. Kolel (Liberal, Toronto, Canada)
  10. Masorti Israel (Conservative, Israel, English)
  11. Shefa Network
  12. Torah from Jewish Theological Seminary (Conservative, USA)
  13. Weekly Talmud lesson from Jewish Theological Seminary
  14. Conservative commentaries on the haftara (Archive, Conservative, Israel)
  15. Torah Aura (Learn Torah With 5760, 5761)

Learn to layn Tora and/or Haftara
(also for the High Holidays and and Megillat Esther)