Lecturers: prof. Eli Schleifer, rabbijn David Lilienthal, dr. Annette Boeckler
Co-ordinator: Bram Lagendijk 

(Please note that in spite of it being Shabbat and against our normal principles, most services held will be those of the Weekdays and the Festivals, since there is no other time to hold these and to evaluate. All other elements will be those of Shabbat.)

Friday 29 May 

18.00  Arrival, drinks and snacks, welcome

18.30  Sukkot Arvit service on a Friday evening 
19.30  Dinner, Shabbat zemirot, birkat hamazon

20.30  Lecture 1: Purim: Themes, the Megilla and the Problem
                                       of Reading it or not (AB)

21.15  Workshop 1: Purim: The Music: what is permitted 
                                            and what not to do in the service (1 group)

Shabbat 30 May 

08.30  Breakfast

09.00  Shabbat Chanukah Shacharit with Hallel and Torah service 

11.00  Break

11.15  Workshop 2: Chanukah, the music (1 group)

12.30  Lunch, zemirot, birkat hamazon 

13.30  Lecture 2: Introduction to the Weekday Services: 
                            the Principles for their Music (ES)

14.30  Break 

14.45  Workshop 3: Music for the Weekday Services 
                                (with emphasis on  the evening services) 

16.00  Break

16.15  Workshop 4: Practicum: nusach weekdays

17.30  Mincha service (weekday nusach, no Torah service)
18.15  Dinner, zemirot, birkat hamazon

19.15  Workshop 5: Practicum: nusach Shabbat and Shalosh Regalim

20.15  Break

20.30  Workshop 6: Practicum: nusach Yamim Noraim

21.30  Havdalah and Weekday Purim Arvit service

Sunday 31 May 

08.00  Breakfast 

08.30  Weekday Shacharit 
09.00  Plans for the continuation: in-service-training

09.15  Break

09.30  Preparation for the Landelijke Oneg Shabbat on 6 June in The Hague 

12.00  Lunch, zemirot, birkat hamazon

13.00  Arrival of invited guests

13.30  Festive Closing Ceremony 

15.00  Reception

16.00  Closing and Departure