Lecturers: prof. Eli Schleifer, rabbijn David Lilienthal,dr. Annette Boeckler
Co-ordinator: Bram Lagendijk

(Please note that some services will again be the regular ones for the Shabbat, but that others will again - against our normal principles - be those of the High Holidays. All other elements will be those of Shabbat.)

Friday 27 February 

18.00  Arrival, drinks and snacks, welcome

18.30  Friday evening Shabbat service

19.30  Dinner, Shabbat zemirot, birkat hamazon

20.30  Lecture 1: Yom Kippur: Introduction to the Yizkor service (DL)

21.15  Workshop 1: Yom Kippur: The Yizkor service (1 group)

Shabbat 28 February 

08.30  Breakfast

09.00  Shabbat morning service
11.00  Break

11.15  Workshop 2: Yom Kippur shacharit: The Piyutim (1 group)

12.30  Lunch, zemirot, birkat hamazon

13.30  Lecture 2: Solomone Rossi and Polyphonic Synagogue Music, 
                             and the Influence of Leon of Modena (ES)

14.30  Break

15.00  Lecture 3: Introduction to the Neila service (AB, DL)

16.15  Mincha service (Yom Kippur Yizkor [sung parts] and Yom Kippur Neila)

17.45  Dinner, zemirot, birkat hamazon

18.30  Workshop 3:  Group A: Yom Kippur: the music and parts not yet covered
                                                                    or in need of repetition
Group B: Yom Kippur: the Selichot and the Vidui

19.45 Break

20.00  Workshop 4: 
Group A: Continuation
Group B: Yom Kippur: the Musaph Piyutim

21.00  Motzaei Shabbat Arvit service (nusach Rosh Hashana)

Sunday 1 March 

08.00  Breakfast

08.30  Yom Kippur Shacharit (no Torah service)

10.30  Break

11.00  Lecture 4: Introduction to the Minor Festivals and
                            Major Days of Mourning:
                            Chanukkah, Purim, Yom Ha