In the spring of 2013 the Levisson Institute organised a basic training for new teachers of the Talmud Torah education in the Progressive Jewish congregations in Holland. This basic training consisted of 5 lessons on Sunday afternoons, in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Thirteen people from 8 different congregations took part. The training was organised in cooperation with Rimon, the Dutch Progressive Jewish Education Centre, which is now part of the Levisson Institute.

Program basic training

Lesson 1

  • Learning plan, year plan & vertical planning
  • Teaching schedule
  • The first day of school. How to do this?
  • How to formulate learning goals?

Lesson 2

  • Class management
  • How to make a ‘jewish’ class?
  • Effective communication

Lesson 3

How to use the Hebrew methods for the small children (4-6 years) and the older ones (6-13 years)?

Lesson 4

  • Time management
  • What kind of different children are there and how to manage them?
  • Differentiation in the class
  • Working independent

Lesson 5

Specific teaching skills, like telling (jewish) stories, singing songs, asking questions, use of the Rimon website etc.