The first Teacher Training course for the Hebrew classes in the Liberal Jewish congregations in the Netherlands was organised in 2010 in cooperation with Rimon, the Jewish Education Centre of the Union and the Department for Jewish Education at the Leo Baeck College in London.

The training consisted of a series of 20 Sundays, evenly spread over two years. The program started on June 13th, 2010 with 14 students. The study was partially presented at two levels, depending on the prior knowledge and previous training and experience of the students. The language of the training was Dutch, but in parts also English, since some teachers from London were involved and a certain part of the teaching materials are in English.
On July 1st 2012, 12 teachers from congregations in Amsterdam, Gelderland, Groningen, The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam received their diplomas in a festive closing ceremony at the LJG Hague. 

Overview of the program:

Each Sunday morning: 2 hour lecture on a Jewish topic.
After lunch: 2 lecture hours on pedagogy/didactics, 
followed by practice in a longer workshop.

The programs of the 20 days specified (Dutch only).

On the Sundays the students developed lessons to give during the intermediate weeks. The results were reported and discussed at the following meeting.
Throughout the two years the students were observed and recordings made for personal video coaching.

Between the meetings additional courses were given in areas where the students' knowledge needed strengthening. 

A schematic representation of the content: 
  1. Basic pedagogy/didactics
  2. Jewish studies I: the festivals, the calendar, God, Israel, life cycle
  3. Jewish studies II: History, Tanach, Rabbinic Literature
  4. Hebrew: integrating Hebrew in the class room, singing/music.

The required literature (mainly Dutch) is shown on this list, with additions given on the specified program pages.

In the fall of 2013 a second Teacher Training, a basic training with 13 students, was again organised together with Rimon.

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