The mission of the Institute is to provide high quality trainings in order to ensure that the Jewish community in the coming years will continue to be served by a well qualified leadership, one that is able to transmit the chain of our Dutch Jewish heritage on to new generations.  

Maoz Haviv 1To achieve this goal, the training of Rabbis is our first priority. Our first five students were ordained in August 2008, a sixth received his semicha in September 2012, and the seventh in May 2014.

The second priority is that of shelichay tzibbur, cantors, and teachers. The first group of 15 cantorial students completed their training in May 2009, the first group of 12 teachers received their certificates in July 2012, a second group of 13 teachers completed a basic training in December 2013.

Additionally the Institute also offers Jewish Leadership courses for people with responsibility for our congregations and organisations and for others willing to serve in such positions in the future. In the Spring of 2013 36 people participated the first Gabbay training, in the Autumn of 2014 the first Baal Korai training has started.

Dienst Yahel Marianne

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If you are interested in following one of the trainings or if you are willing to support the Institute financially, please contact our Dean or the General Director.