For an example of how a limited weekday shacharit service can be done, listen to the shacharit service led by prof. Eli Schleifer during the 5th study weekend.

The page numbers in the LJG-siddur that he followed, are:

  • 4-6-8, 26, 36, 40-42, 52, 56-58-60-62-64-66-(68)-70,


  • 72-74-76 (shacharit-Kedusha),
    The Amida is in the form of a 'hoiche kedusha', i.e. the first 3 berachot are recited aloud by the chazzan and the rest of the Amida is said individually and softly. The silence is omitted in the recording.


  • 110-112-114,
  • 192 (4th line from the bottom).

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