The teamim (trope) for study

Tora-trope for the High Holidays pdf
according to the Dutch Ashkenasi tradition.
NB. the "sof passuk" in the last line is to be used at the end of each parasha.

Torah trope for the High Holidays mp3 (Eli Schleifer)

Recordings of the complete Torah readings
according to the machzor of the Verbond

Torah reading 1st day Rosh Hashana

Bereshit 21:1-27, LJG-machzor pp. 90-92

Torah reading 1st day Rosh Hashana alternative mp3
Devariem 29:9-30:20, LJG-machzor blz. 94-98

Torah reading 2nd day Rosh Hashana

Bereshit 22:1-27, LJG-machzor pp. 116-118

Maftir (2nd sefer Torah) Rosh Hashana

Vayikra 23:23-25, pp. 120 

Torah reading YK morning Shemot 33-34 mp3
Shemot 33:12-34:10, machzor pp. 329-333

Torah reading YK morning Vayikra 16 mp3
Vayikra 16:1-34, LJG-machzor pp. 329-333

Maftir (2nd sefer Torah) Yom Kippur morning mp3
Vayikra 23:26-32, pp. 335-336