El Male Rachamim for a man CU mp3
For the text, see the book "Beartsot Hachajiem"  or the LJG-siddur p. 616
El male rachamim in a Yizkor service PG mp3
For this text, see the machzor High Holidays p. 354

El male rachamim Pesach Yizkor (HUC ES) mp3

At the beginning of funerals (lewajot) in the cemetery, in Spanish-Portuguese (Western Sefardi) communities, the "lavadores", who have prepared the deceased (i.e. the members of the chevra kadisha) circle the coffin 7 times in hakafot. While doing so, the following text (found in their siddurim) are recited as in the links below. They are sung by
the reverend Halfon Benarroch, chief chazzan of the Bevis Marks synagogue in London.

1st hakafa (NB. The melody starts half-way through the text. The

                   missing part is sung to the same melody as in the
                   hakafot that follow.)
2nd hakafa 
3rd hakafa 
4th hakafa 
5th hakafa 
6th hakafa
7th hakafa