On this page you will find partly unedited recordings of several workshops and lectures given by prof. Schleifer and dr. Annette Boeckler during the weekends of the sheliach tzibbur training 2007-2009. 

Some of the recordings of complete melodies in these files have been copied and placed separately on their respective places on the other pages.

Please note that these files are relatively large, 10-20 MB. Please be patient while they download to the player or to your harddisk.   

An Overview of all Nusach for all services of the year pps 

A PowerPoint-presentation of all the tradional nusach-variations used in the synagogue services throughout the year according to the West-European tradition. (Please note that the file has to be downloaded before viewing.)

Prof Eli Schleifer's lecture on "The History of the Dutch Jewish Synagogue Music" during the Landelijke Oneg Shabbat in The Hague on 6 June 2009.

Part 1. - Part 2.  

Prof. Eliyahu Schleifer's introductory lecture on Nusach and Staygers  

Sheet music for the four shaygers:  

Shtayger Adonai Malach mode  
Shtayger Magen Avot mode 
Shtayger Yishtabach mode 
Shtayger Ahava Rabba mode   

Recorded workshops: 

Workshop 1: The special melodies for the Shalosh Regalim 
Workshop 2: The special melodies for Pesach-Shavuot   
Workshop 3: The special melodies for Sukkot 
Workshop 4: The Nusach for the Shalosh Regalim arvit  
Workshop 5: Hallel 1 
Workshop 6: Hallel 2  
Workshop 7: Weekday Shacharit - nusach High Holidays  
Workshop 8: Nusach Uwecheens - the Shofar Service  
Workshop 9: The RH-YK Kaddishim 
Workshop 10: Piyyutim in Yom Kippur mussaf  
Workshop 11: Introduction to the Neïla service  
    (begins with comments on Shofet Kol Ha’aretz , p. 300) 
Workshop 12: The Vidui in the Kol Nidre selichot service 
Workshop 13: More on the JK Piyutim   
Workshop 14: The Piyutim in Neila and the Avoda again  
Workshop 15: What is allowed in a Purim service?
Workshop 16: Chanukah  
Workshop 17: Weekday Mincha & Ma'ariv services  
Workshop 18: Practicum Weekday services  
Workshop 19: Practicum Shabbat & Chagim services  
Workshop 20: Practicum High Holidays  
Workshop 21: Working with nusach for Yamim Noraim nieuw 


Workshop Danny Maseng 2011


Recorded lectures: 

Lecture: The Weekday Shacharit Service   
Lecture: The jolly melodies of Shalom Friede nieuw