Below you will find links to recordings of the Birkat HaMazon (Benshen - Grace after Meals) and to some Shabbat zemirot as recorded by rabbijn Ruben Bar-Ephraim for teaching purposes. The melodies are those currently used in the Liberal congregations in The Netherlands. There is often more than one melody in use for any text; in most congregations melodies are used interchangeably, and customs also vary. The music is ordered according to the order it appears in the "LJG Bensjboek". The name of the file begins with the page number(s) on which the text appears in the siddur and in brackets the pagenumber in the "Bensjboek". The format of all files is MP3.

The recordings are made by rabbi Reuven Bar-Ephraim except the kiddush for Friday night and Shabbat morning which are sung by Chaim van Unen and Bendigamos sung by Jona (Jo) Poolman van Beusekom. 

[10] Eshet Chayil (ES) 

[16] Kiddush for Friday evening (CvU)
[18] Kiddush for Shabbat morning (CvU) 

[32] Shir Hama'alot, psalm 126

[34] Hava Nevarech (zimoen) 
[36] Baruch - hazan et hakol
[36] Node lecha 
[38] Ve'al hakol
[38] Rachem
[40] Retse vehachalitsenu (on Shabbat)
[40-42] Ja'ale veyavo (on Festivals)
[44] Vehashlem
[44] Baruch (...haEel avinoe)
[44] Harachaman hu yimloch
[46] Harachaman hu yefarnesenu 
[46] Harachaman hu yishlach lanu 
[48] Harachaman hu yevarech 
[50] Ken yevarech 
[52] Bamarom 
[52] Harachaman hu yanchilenu (on Shabbat) 
[54] Harachaman hu yezakenu 
[56] Yiru et Adonai 

[58-60] Short benshen

Shabbat zemirot (zie blz. 77)

[80] Yah ribon
[84] Tzur mishelo 
[88] Yom ze le-Yisrael 
[96] Halleluya 1 (Psalm 150) 
[96] Halleluya 2 (Psalm 150 5e regel) 
[96] Esa einai (from psalm 121) 
[98] Dror yikra 1 
[100] Mipi El 
[103] Ken bakodesh 
[110] Ata echad 
[110] Lema'an achai (from psalm 122) 

[112] Bendigamos (JPvB)


[114] Havdalah complete ES (Schleifer) mp3 
[114] Havdala introduction: Hine el yeshuati (RBE
[114-116] Havdala RBE (berachot alternative version) 
[116] Hamavdil 
[116] Eliahoe hanavi 
[116] Shavua tov 
[116] Gott fun Avrohom ES mp3 
[116] Gott fun Avrohom (sheet music) pdf 
[116] Gott fun Avrohom (translation) pdf