In its short history, the Levisson Instituut has co-arranged two important public seminars.

The first seminar concerned the Jewish status -if any- of persons with a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother. This is one of the strong debating points in contemporary Jewish life, and one causing much pain to many of the people concerned and much worry for demographers and those charting the present and future membership policy of Jewish organisations.
This seminar presented the problem arean the historical and psychological background and the demographics in four scholarly albeit short lectures. This was followed by representatives from major Jewish organisations, presenting their policies of accepting these persons for full or some sort of less than full membership. And finally three people in the situation gave their reasons for the life choices they made in order to shape their relationship to and membership of the Jewish community. 

The material is all in Dutch and far to extensive to translate, but it can be found on the Dutch side of this website, starting from this English page. The important
but often misquoted American Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) so called "Patrilineal Resolution" of March 1983 is in English.