This page refers to a lecture series of five two hour sessions, given to the students of the Teacher Training 2010-2012 in the LJG Den Haag. The sessions were recorded on video and can be watched here.
Please note that the lectures, texts and further study materials and information are only in Dutch. 

A short introduction and summary in English:

Any examination of the meaning of Jewish identity will reveal that 'history' is an major element thereof. But what does this mean exactly? What actually is 'Jewish history' and how can that be of influence on the formation of an dentity? How do we read our own history and in what way does that give meaning to our Jewish life? These are the kind of questions this module will address. 

We will look carefully at theoretical questions such as the (im)possibility of knowing the past, the relationship between communal memories (our story) and scientific accounts of history, periodization and whether there is a development in Jewish history. We will also look at various opinions about Jewish history through the centuries and how important concepts such as shalshelet ha-kabbalah, Kiddush ha-Shem, galut and 'messianism' were dealt with then. 

The full program in Dutch