Since its very beginnings, the Levisson Instituut has organised a number of public and private lectures.

From this page you can listen to and download some of these lectures as MP3-sound files.
The presentations that are in writing can be read in a PDF-format
Below you will also find a few classic articles that have opened the way for new thinking about the Jewish future and that cannot easily be found elsewhere. 
The articles

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       Prof. Melila Hellner-Eshed at the Opening of the Academic 
       Year 2011-2012: "Awakenings: Preparing for the High Holy Days."
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       Rabbi prof. Reuven Firestone:
       1. A public lecture with the title: "A History of Muslim-Jewish
           Relations, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"
       2. For the Rabbinic students, the lectures/study session of the 
           4-day seminar in which the history and growth of Islam and of
           Muslim-Jewish relations in the past and the present were treated
           more depth. Where appropriate comparisons between the two
           traditions were given a closer look as were the elements therein 
           theat have been and are of influence on these relations.
       3. The texts that were studied during the seminar.      
           Listen to the recordings and find the texts here.

      Chazzan Danny Mazeng: A workshop about
      chazzanoet as part of the "Professional Development"-
      program for our shelichay tzibbur-graduates  .
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     Drs Bart Wallet at the Opening of the Academic
     Year 2010-2011:
     "Citizenship and the politics of Religious Identities.
     The integration of the Jews in the 19th Century
     and the present day Dutch debate about integration."
     Listen to the lecture (all in Dutch)


     Dr. Rachel Reedijk at the Opening of the Academic
     Year 2010-2011
     "Respons by the anthropologist to the lecture
     by the historian": as a reaction to drs. B. Wallet.

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     Rabbi prof. Marc Saperstein at the Opening van het Academic
     Year 2009-2010:
"Spinoza's Rabbi": About his book "Exile in Amsterdam" and
Rabbi Saul Levi Morteira (1596-1660) and his famous
      Sermons To A Congregation of "New Jews".

    Prof Eli Schleifer's lecture about "The History of the Dutch
    Jewish Synagogue Music", given during the Union Oneg 
    in The Hague on 6 June 2009.  
    Part 1. - Part 2

    Prof. Eli Schleifer:

    "Shtaygers", a lecture about the special character of 
    Jewish music in general and in particular that of the 
    chazzanut: nusach en shtaygers.  
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    Prof. Irene Zwiep at the Opening of the Academic
    Year 2007-2008:
.. Umetalmiday yoter mikulan (BT Ta'anit 7a)
Five years of the Levisson Institute."

    Prof. Moshe Idel:

    "Kabbalah and Philosophy in 17th Century Amsterdam:
     R. Abraham Cohen Herrera and R. Menashe ben Israel."

    Rabbi prof. David B. Ruderman
"In Search of a Redeemer: The Messianic Thinking of Shabbetai
     Tzvi and its importance for the Jews of Today."  

    Prof. Joshua Schwartz at the Opening of the Academic Year 
    2006-2007: "Broken beds, Broken Chairs and the Social 
    History of the Land of Israel in the Roman Period."

    Rabbi p
rof. Reuven Firestone:
    "If there is only one God, why are there so many monotheisms?"

   Prof. Menachem Lorberbaum at the Opening of the Academic Year
2005-2006: "Religion and State in Israel."

The articles

Rabbi David Hartman: Auschwitz or Sinai?
Editor's Note: This powerful and oft-cited essay from 1982 remains appropriate today. It was re-published on 5 October 2009 and on 6 april 2010.
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Rabbi Irving (Yitz) Greenberg
published early in the 1980s three essays that brought about much new and revolutionary thinking. He delineates in clear terms his reading of Jewish history and extrapolates from this his projections for the future of Judaism in a radically and fast changing world.
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Rabbi Brad Artson
Almighty? No Way! 
Coming To Know The God We Already Love 
A Thought for Shavuot 
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Jean Améry 
Honorable antisemitism - L’antisemitisme honorable 
An article from 1969 which is timely these days too... 
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Read the French original...