In 2009 an international conference was held in Germany on the influence of German emigrant and refugee Rabbis in Jewish communities worldwide. Chaya Brasz, the researcher working on the project "Adath Jeschurun", gave a lecture with the title "Dutch Jewry and its Undesired German Rabbinate". This concentrated on the contribution of German Rabbis to the Jewish religious life in the Netherlands, which is one of the issues to be addressed by our project.

The results of that conference will be published in the Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook, which is due to appear in print in the autumn of 2012. However, the Oxford University Press already published Chaya’s article online on 21 June 2012 for the Leo Baeck Yearbook. Below you will find the relevant links. One goes to the website of the Oxford Journals and the other to the PDF version. Please note that you are free to read the article, and to refer others to it, but not to send it on to others unless you ask permission to do so from the Oxford Journals*) or from us. 

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