On the Internet there is much to be found about Jewish customs and halacha in various gradations.
Below are just a few links to websites that deal with contemporary problems that concern the Jewish community with a liberal Jewish approach to halacha and Jewish tradition, in a way that is authentic and adapted to today's society and needs.

The responsa (answers by rabbis or committees of rabbis to questions that are put to them) are mostly recent, but some are older, which makes it necessary when reading them to look carefully at the date when they were formulated. Subjects like medical ethics nowadays change fast and subjects like e.g. the attitude to women in Jewish life in general and as rabbis and cantors in particular has undergone radical changes in the last generation.

1. Central Conference of American Rabbis Reform Responsa  
2. Masorti Responsa (Conservative, Israel )
3. Schechter Institute: Golinkin's monthly responsum (Archive, Israel)
4. Rabbinical Assembly Responsa (Conservative, USA)
5. Bar Ilan University Responsa – Global Jewish Database