On the Internet a good many opportunities are offered for anyone interested in finding out more about judaism and Jewish subjects. This is why we have only put together a small choice of websites, where the material is dealt with from a Liberal/Progressive/Reform point of view. The levels differ, starting from simple introductions to Judaism and a daily thought or short lesson, moving up till a complete MA in Jewish Studies. Below, the most advanced levels come first. 
  1. Hebrew College Online (Boston, USA)
  2. Ziegler School Online Learning  (Conservative USA)
  3. Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory
  4. Shefa Network
  5. Union for Reform Judaism - Learning Torah
  6. Union for Reform Judaism - My Learning
  7. Bet Midrash Virtuali  (Conservative, Israel, English)
  8. Internet Resources for Jewish Studies (general and extensive) 

Classical and Modern Jewish texts in English translation,
from Tanach, Talmud, Midrash and Kabbala till Solomon Schechter and Mordecai Kaplan.

Learn to chant Torah and/or a Haftarah

(also for the High Holidays and Megillat Esther,
but all in the Western European trope as used in Holland
and with minor variations in England.)

Possibilities for not-on-line study

  1. Crescas Jewish Educational Centre (Dutch nationwise network)
  2. LJG Amsterdam Study Centre  (Dutch, Amsterdam Congregation)
  3. Yehuda Aschkenasy Library
  4. Anita Salz International Education Center (World Union, Jerusalem)
  5. Salz Center Learning and Leadership Seminars (Beutel) (Jerusalem)
  6. Leo Baeck College (Liberaal-Reform, London, England)
  7. Conservative Yeshiva (Conservative, Jerusalem)
  8. Paideia European Institute for Jewish Studies (Stockholm)

Websites with informative Jewish books

  1. Stichting Sja'ar (Dutch Progressive Union, for grown-ups and children)
  2. Uitgeverij Amphora Books (Dutch Jewish book publisher)
  3. Union for Reform Judaism, (URJ books and music, USA)
  4. United Synagogue Book Service (Conservative, USA)
  5. The Jewish Publication Society
  6. Jewish Lights Publishing  (USA)
  7. KTAV Publishing House  (USA)
  8. About Women and Judaism (Schechter Institute, Jerusalem)
  9. Book seller Ludwig Mayer (Jerusalem, finds any book for that no-one seems to have!)



Rimon, the Dutch Progressive Jewish Education Center (in Dutch)