The Academic Committee (AC) is responsible for:
  • formulating the objectives of the training
  • appointing and assessing lecturers
  • admitting the students
  • determining the content and the quality of the courses of study
  • judging the students and the results of their studies

This is done in close consultation with the Dean, the Head Academic Program and the lecturers.
The AC may appoint subcomittees to assist in the preparation and execution of specific tasks. The  final responsibility rests in all cases with the AC.

The members of the Academic Committee are:

  • Prof. Dr. Irene E. Zwiep, Chairperson. Irene Zwiep is head of the Department of Hebrew, Aramaic and Syriac Languages ​​and Cultures at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Mr. Ernst Numann, member. Ernst Numann is Vice-President of the Dutch Supreme Court and a former chairman of the Dutch Union for Progressive Judaism.
  • Drs. A. Carolyn Levisson, Hon. Secretary. Carolyn Levisson was until 2012 Student Psychologist at the Technical University of Delft.
  • Rabbi Avraham Soetendorp
  • Rabbi Tamarah Benima
  • Rabbi David Lilienthal, Honorary Dean of the Levisson Institute.

Also normally attending the meetings in a non-voting capacity are the following former members who now serve the Institute in other capacities, but whose expertise is important:   

  • Rabbi Menno ten Brink, the Dean of the Institute.
  • Prof. Dr. Reinier Munk, the Head Academic Program, Professor of Modern Jewish Philosophy, Free University Amsterdam (VU).
  • Ella Wijnschenk-Oesterman, Chair of the Board of the Institute.

The Academic Committee has appointed two subcommittees:

  • The Admission Committee. This committee evaluates the candidates for the Rabbinic program and makes a recommendation on the admission to the Academic Committee.
    This subcommittee consists of
    • Prof. Irene Zwiep, member of the AC. 
    • Drs Carolyn Levisson, member of the AC. 
    • Rabbi Menno ten Brink, the Dean. 

  • The Vocational Committee (BVV). This subcommittee consists of:
    • Rabbi Marianne van Praag, the Head Vocational Program.
    • Drs. Carolyn Levisson, member of the AC.
    • Ella Wijnschenk-Oesterman, chair of the Board of the Institute.
    • Jorien Tamse, Joods Maatschappelijk Werk (national welfare organization for the Jewish community in the Netherlands).