The essential importance of the Friends

The Friends of our Foundation form the basis for our financial existence.
The sheer fact that a good number of people have declared themselves prepared to support the Institute financially for longer periods of time shows that there is broad support for this work within the liberal Jewish community in the Netherlands. This demonstration of support is a pre-condition for the foundations that grants us the considerable subsidies necessary to continue. This means that the donations from the Friends generate more funds than the donation itself.  

The commitments for support over a longer period of time are important to us. We accept students into a long and arduous training, which means that we also become responsible for providing the complete training throughout the whole period. In the same way, we ask a long term commitment from our lecturers, and thus also make a commitment to them.    

It all comes down to a question of mutual trust. The Friends trust us to build an institution that is able to provide a good rabbinic training of international standard. This has been achieved; our 'Levisson Rabbis' are active also in international Rabbinic professional organisations. And we in turn trust the Friends to continue supporting us, and they certainly keep their promise, and mostly continue their support also after the time the commitment to came to an end.

Our hope is now that rabbis are at work in all Liberal congregations in the Netherlands, more people will want to join the winning team of the Friends. Any commitment for a larger or smaller sum for a shorter or longer period is welcome. The Foundation has the "ANBI"-status as a recognized charitable institute, which means that all donations are deductible for income tax, in Holland but also in many EU-countries. More information on tax deductible ways of giving are available on request.
What do we offer our Friends?

Materially speaking, very little. Invitations to a few special events during the year, including the Opening of the Academic Year, a lecture or participation in a seminar by a visiting prominent scholar on a Jewish subject, to be present at the Rabbinic Ordinations and Diploma presentations at the end of other trainings, an occasional Newsletter, the Annual Reports and a free Lending Card for the Levisson Library.
What we definitely offer is the satisfaction of knowing that you, through your donation, really tachles help to assure the future of Dutch Jewry. To know that YOU do contribute to the welfare, the preservation and the further development of the Jewish community in this country.

YOU can support us...